#NaNoWinner 2017

Jajamensan, där satt 50 966 ord dedikerade till ”Dödskalleringen” som blir uppföljaren till min debutroman ”Drottningklockan”. Kreativt sätt att locka fram intriger man själv inte visste om. Hänger definitivt på nästa år igen. Det är ju alltid trevligt att få så här fina lovord:
”You, wonderful author, spent this past November unleashing your creative powers, fighting back inner editors, and teaming up with thousands of writers around the world. We’re incredibly proud to welcome you to the NaNoWriMo winner’s hall. Congratulations on your superheroic achievement!”

”Congratulations, writer! This November, your novel called and you answered—with bold nouns, fearless verbs, and a hidden power all your own:
the courage to sit down and write, no matter what the odds. Because of your heroic efforts, the streets are once again safe for every character you dream up, the evils of the Inner Editor are vanquished for another year and you have triumphed over your word-count goal. We’re proud to have been a part of your origin story, Super-Novelist. Onward to the next adventure!”Winner- plakat!