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What is really going on behind the scenes in a hotel? What could happen? In the rooms? Or in the restaurant kitchen?

The hotel environment is a separate world, so intriguing that it triggered the imagination of seven writers to write a number of colorful short stories, in completely different genres, all of which have hotels in common. The stories are everything from bloodcurdling to nostalgic reminiscence. From slightly supernatural events to some more imaginative tales for adults.

The most unlikely things can happen, and does happen, in this anthology. In short, here is certainly a story that may suit whether you are an advanced bookworm or a more occasional reader that prefers a shorter easy-to-read story.

So relax, lean back, and let ypur own imagination take you away, as you read the stories in ”Short Stories Hotel”




Utgiven: Marwa Förlag, Motala 2018-03-31

ISBN 9789163940088

Översättning från Novellhotellet svenska: Åsa Bengtsson, Great Little Britain

Omslag: Jonathan Amador

Participating writers:
Helen Lindholm, Ewa Broberg, Ann Hempel Pertmann, Jan-Eric Boo, Elisabeth Öhman, Ulrika Amador and CT Karlsson.

Ytterligare information

Vikt 0189 g
Dimensioner 214 × 135 × 11 mm


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